Why Reading Is A Great Hobby While You’re On COVID-19 Lockdown

Unfortunately, the 2019 Book Event won’t get a repeat this year due to the coronavirus. However, we can still encourage others to take up reading as a new hobby. Here are some reasons why it’s a great choice during the lockdown.

Keeps You Busy

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With guidelines requiring people to stay at home, many individuals find that they have more free time. While some catch up on chores, TV shows, and movies, more people are turning to books to keep them busy. As proof, a recent survey shows that about one in three people are reading more than they used to.

Serves As An Escape

There’s no mistaking that the coronavirus outbreak has taken over the news. It’s also all over social media. Wherever we go, even online, the disease is sure to be a part of it. For this reason, many people are choosing books as an escape.

Well, with everything going on in the world right now, who wouldn’t want fiction to whisk us away elsewhere? You can stay immersed in fantasy lands, back to the Victorian age, or in a world without coronavirus.

Not only that, but we all also start to feel a sense of hope. Although not all stories get a happy ending, the ones that do can give us a feeling of optimism. Light at the end of the tunnel seems to be something we all need, as the virus has put our futures into question.

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Builds Knowledge

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Knowledge is power?” First of all, it’s perfectly fine not to be productive during this pandemic. We’re all going through something confusing and potentially traumatizing after all. However, if you would like to be productive, why not learn some new information and gain knowledge?

Books have always been an excellent source of information. It helps up learn facts, broaden our vocabulary, and gain new insights. Picking up a book doesn’t only entertain, it enlightens.

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With most of us at home, more and more people are picking up new hobbies or going back to old ones. Reading is a smart choice when you want something to keep you busy during the lockdown. Reading helps us gain more knowledge. Overall, there are many good reasons for us to pick up a book – whether in print or digital – and start to read.