Three Books by Rhonda Byrne That Changed My Life

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a book can take you into a thousand lives. The power of books to submerse into someone’s life creates endless possibilities. Books can stimulate our imagination, which allows us to see the reality within the fictional contexts and suddenly find ourselves changing. There are times that we scuffle to find our purpose in life; not even the people around us can help us figure things out. But after reading a book, our perspective is on point once again. Indeed, reading books bring a positive perspective on someone’s life. They are like life’s constant answers to everything. It’s like after reading a good book you become a better version of yourself — renewed and ready to take life’s challenges.


As for me, motivational books are an A-plus because they offer life-changing thoughts and advises. These books help every individual appreciate and acknowledge their self-worth as well as maximizing their potentials to achieve their goals. Reading motivational books gives us so much positive energy. It helps us understand why we must go through some difficulties in life and most importantly, it provides us with the hope that better days are coming.

Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television and film producer who had been through personal and professional struggles in life, has managed to come up with a self-help novel that enabled her to surpass the trials in her life. The books written by Rhonda made a significant impact on my life, and these are the books that you’ll keep on reading repeatedly.

The Secret


This made me realize how high my potentials are, how capable I am of achieving greater things and how the law of attraction can influence my perception and goals in life. This book changes the way you look at life, it will help you bring out your positive energy and give you nothing but hope and that whatever life may throw at you if you don’t give up and keep your eyes on the prize, the universe will conspire and help you go through it.


The Power

After finding the secrets of life, you now have the potential to unleash the power within. This is the sequel of The Secret. For me, the book is a reminder that all of us share a collective power that when used, it will create a strong relationship with the universe. The power of love is the power that we must unleash so that we can be of harmony and peace with the people around us. The book also teaches us that love is coupled with gratitude, that whatever we have in life be it small or significant, we must always be thankful.

The Magic


Once you have the power, The Magic follows. This book shows how love and gratitude can make a big difference in the world, the magic of transforming into a better and happiest version of yourself.

As they say, the right books do not reveal their secrets at once. Same goes for these books written by Rhonda. These books changed my life, and I could see my potentials, appreciate and share everything I have, and keeping a positive attitude to trust in better days. These are worth spending your time and sharing with others as they may as well experience the life-changing effect that these books can give them.