Spirituality In Therapy Awakens Enthusiasm  

Focusing the mind on materialism is death, but setting your mind on spirituality is the beginning of life and peace.   

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Spirituality is about being in touch with the human spirit or soul as a means to put an end to one’s madness and eventually escape the prison of materialism.  Believing that making a connection with someone more powerful than yourself is a means to find peace.    


Seeking For Spirituality Not Religion 

Quest for spirituality and not for any kind of religion is very popular nowadays to millennials.  They attempt to find spirituality in books, in nature, and in themselves.  Many refuse to be affiliated with any religion but claim that they still believe in the most powerful one who created everything.   


Battlefield Is In Us  

There’s a battlefield inside of us, the war against seeking the truth versus fighting it.  This war in us causes others to experience confusion.   


Religion was thought to be delusional by Freud. Jean-Martin Charcot, a neurologist, influenced him, and they both believed that there was an association between religion and neurosis, considering religion as a symptom of mental illness.  


DSM3 depicted religion and spirituality negatively by signifying that religiosity and spirituality promote behavioral disorder.  But some studies support it to be the other way around, in that some patients hold on to their spirituality to cope with life stressors including their illness.  Once spirituality awakens their eagerness to go on with life, they try to stay positive despite the many struggles and negativities life brings.   


Books That Teach Spirituality  

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There are many books published that strengthen a person’s mental health through a spiritual awakening, teach techniques on how to appreciate the present and reach a higher level of consciousness to be grateful.   


“Keeping the Faith Without A Religion” by Roger Housden urges you to explore your faith and belief, explaining how faith and belief are not the same, and that faith not bounded by any religion allows you to see and experience life’s sublime beauty in its full extent.  He explains how to build a personal faith based on your unique inner experiences.  Experiencing love, joy, and beauty can teach you the wisdom of the universe.   


Joan Chittister, OSB, an international speaker about spirituality, peace, religiosity, and justice wrote Radical Spirit where she voiced out her belief on the many revelations that God is alive and present in every human heart as expressed in their culture and wisdom of the world.  She emphasizes that humility frees us from our own selves.  The goodness that God intends for your life is the same goodness He sought for all.  So we all have to free ourselves from the arrogance of self-development, but instead be what we were created to be – help others achieve their own share of God’s gifts.    


Spirituality is no longer widely considered as a blot on one’s mental health but is widely accepted to be an essential component in strengthening a person’s view that he will be healed by someone or something more significant than himself.  It has become an essential tool in practicing psychiatric treatment and is somewhat proven to be effective.   


Some experts in the field of psychiatry have included considering their patients’ spiritual background to check if it is linked to mental disturbances, although it is not yet sufficiently recognized by the whole psychiatric community.   


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Books can bring us to a specific spot in our lives where we will begin to question the beliefs instilled in us and the things we want to believe.  It can be an excellent motivation to explore books on spirituality that talk blatantly on how it is used as a therapy to awaken someone’s enthusiasm and to fight the self-destructing demons inside of a person – the anxiety, depression, loneliness, and all negativity life brings.   


Stop being a troubled soul. Explore the possibility of reinventing yourself through books that feed your soul, expand your wisdom, and enrich yourself to be of help to others so you may be free to grow bigger in life.