Must-Read Books That Celebrate Family




Among my favorite family hobbies are reading a book together with my children and my spouse (most of the time). They’re now old enough to read by themselves so what I do is let them be the reader twice a week. That way, they get to improve their reading and storytelling skills. Plus, it’s a chance for us to cuddle up in their small bed, bond, and read as a family.

If you’re a parent who wants to start a reading journey as a family, here are some of the must-read books that I would recommend. These are beautiful stories that celebrate family, togetherness, and keeping the love for each other.

Ivy And Bean: One Big Happy Family

This duo is on its comeback for its eleventh book. Ivy is the only child in the family and thinks that she’s pretty spoiled, but really there’s nothing she can do about it. Bean, her best friend for years – and for life – is Ivy’s sounding board and adviser. She suggests that Ivy needs a brother or a sister. Or a twin perhaps.

The story revolves around the challenges that these two friends are confronted with and their adventure in finding relevance to having a sibling and a family.

Mary Poppins

The heart of the Mary Poppins story is truly about the family. Because although Mary possesses magic, the triumphant ending of the story occurs when the family Banks bonded together and learning to acknowledge the importance of spending quality time together.


This book is designed beautifully, with illustrations and lovely colors, including a catching front cover. You can read this with your toddler on your lap while you enjoy this classic yourself.

Up The Mountain Path

Mrs. Badger, one of the main characters, walks through her lovely garden to the Sugarloaf Peak every Sunday. There she talks to her friends and tries to help them with what they need. On one particular Sunday, she gets to know Lulu, a little cat that has always been curious about what the top of a mountain looks like. Mrs. Badger, the helpful and cheerful character that she is, teaches her the way to the mountain path and introduces her to some new furry friends while they are traveling.

In the end, Mrs. Badger got so weary that she decided to leave Lulu to finish the travel on her own. This book is filled with lessons of generosity, love, and a reminder to always choose your family over anyone or anything else.

The Family Book

The book talks about the love we have for our families amidst the various kinds that they may present. We can have two dads or two moms, a family with one parent, a chaotic family, or an organized one. The author wishes us to realize that our families are special in every way, no matter what type of family we have.

Now That I’m Here

Life truly is an adventure, especially when a new baby joins the fold. Previously, dad and mom only dreamed of how beautiful it would be to have a little fellow in the house. It was quite boring for them sometimes. They used to have quiet meals and serious television shows to watch. Now, the home is filled with varying tones of the baby’s cries. The dining table is now decorated with colors of baby food, and the living room delights with sounds of children’s songs and movies. Finally, mom and dad have someone to read a book before bedtime. The family is complete and happy.

Families, Families, Families

This book describes the family as someone who shows love, respect, support, and affection. It doesn’t matter if you’re not related by blood. As long as you have a love for each other, you are family! Your mom can be your aunt, who has raised you since you were little. Your brother or sister can be your best friend who has known you for ages. Here, different kinds of animals portray friendship and family and how they are connected no matter how different they are.


Stella Brings The Family

Stella, being part of a non-conventional family, is worried about their school’s Mother’s Day Celebration. She actually has two dads that love her dearly, along with other members of the family – except for a mom. She doesn’t have one in the family. The story of how she finds a wonderful solution to her problem revolves around the true definition of family – acceptance, respect, and a whole lot of love.

Life With My Family

The character is a young girl who is rather frustrated about the messy life that she has with her family. She imagined herself being with animals as her family, thinking that she would be happier with her lion, pelican, and buffalo friends. In between paragraphs, the reader learns various names of animals written in a creative and very interesting way, and of how special and important it is to be with family.