How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting The Book Industry

Perhaps we all know by now that the current situation of the pandemic is affecting every individual’s life. There is a challenge in the supply of food and other necessities. There is a complicated situation concerning the loss of jobs and shutting down businesses. Small enterprises and large ones suffer from respective cutbacks as well. Therefore, we can conclude that this global health crisis is obviously changing the economic status of the world. But in this article, we will try to discuss how this pandemic is also hurting the book industry.



Perhaps we might have seen that some books are having their release dates changed. It might not seem a big deal for some book lovers out there. But for the authors, changing the release date makes a huge difference in their income. Aside from that, it takes a toll on their schedules, too, since most of their events are getting canceled. Obviously, this situation is upsetting and can entirely make authors emotionally and mentally exhausted. That is primarily on particular conditions such as authors of children’s books. Some of these writers only survive getting paid by doing keynotes and school visits. And now that there is a pandemic and that people are required to practice social distancing, authors like them can no longer work for an income.



On the publishers’ side, this pandemic situation affects them massively. Some people think that publishing companies since they do not require a large number of people can still operate. At some point, there are publishing companies that allow work from home. However, the challenge within the industry is not the workload, but instead, it is the publication. Since the world is focused on the global health crisis, it is entirely impossible to get any media attention for books right now. And not to mention the independent presses that only rely on indie-bookstores to sell, that is also an additional financial burden. That is because indie-books don’t stand very much of a chance compared to those well-published ones. There are some ways that publishers can work on book publicity since there are online events, book clubs, live streams, social media attention, and digital advertising. However, the whole process needs more than just a post, especially in an uncertain time of this pandemic.



Thinking about the fact that this global health crisis is causing authors an emotional and mental breakdown, and leaving publishers with complicated marketing tasks, what is worst than being the seller of those books? Bookshops are struggling nowadays in selling whatever they have. And since all bookshops are required to close their stores, the demand and supply for the books are hanging on the line. But for a different vibe, some bookshops offer shipment and do curbside pickups for their online stores. Some book stores appreciate that although there is a pandemic, they are still inundated with orders, and people still want their book. However, the struggle of the book owners is the unexpected cancellations, unscheduled events, as well as prank buyers. That is the reason why some shops close completely.


Disclaimer And Takeaway

Obviously, this pandemic situation is affecting a lot of industry, not just the book industry. Thus, this article means to imply that we should not be taking care of a specific industry more than the other ones because this situation complicates things in so many different ways. So if you think about it, this struggle only proves that the Coronavirus pandemic is a serious thing that will eventually make us work on new standard ways.