Books For Mothers Like Us – Journeying With God  

Five years ago, I started my spiritual journey by joining a group of women who meet together once a week studying God’s word and how to apply it in our daily lives.  The Bible is said to be God’s diary that He left to us so we will know Him more. It is a manual that could tell us how we should live our lives.    




Books As Study Materials 

Besides the Bible, our group uses other materials aligned to the teachings in the Bible.  Barefaced books that serve as our reference and that expound more on what the Bible wants to teach us so we may understand how we can apply them to actual day to day life.   




In my five years joining our group weekly, we have studied lots of Christian books.  However, here, I want to share some books that can help mothers like my journey with God while raising a family that is God-loving.  These are some of the books that made an impact on my spiritual journey to motherhood.   


A Cool Mom Is She Who Makes A Difference 

  1. The Warrior We Call Mom: An Awakening for the Women Who Shape and Launch the Next Generation was written by a pastor’s wife, Devon Wallace.   This is a book where she shares techniques on how a mother can empower her own kids to be the future of the next generation.   She shows the difference it makes when you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in day to day dealings with your kids.  Be inspired by some of the mothers in the Bible, in the likes of Mary (the mothers of Jesus), Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), Hannah (mother to Samuel), Jochebed (mother of Moses), and the unnamed mother of Samson who was a barren woman.   These women were empowered by God to inspire our mothers of today because every mother is a true warrior who is fighting a battle and is often caught up with her role as a wife, as a mother and all other things.   


  1. Hands-Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!  

See how Rachel Macy Stafford effectively allows you to realize the power, joy, and love when you live a life free from technology addiction and multi-tasking.   The author is calling out to mothers to slow down and be fully present in their children’s lives, to appreciate each moment with them because time really flies fast.   It is time for mothers to (instead of getting mad and stressed) to learn from their child and to stop and smell the roses.  It is truly hard and challenging for a mother who wears many hats on her head not to hurry things up, especially when everything around her moves so quickly, and when technology pushes her so she may keep up.  This reminder is for all the mothers (and every parent), that lost time with your child is the saddest part of your life.  Childhood passes like a blink of an eye, and no moment you can recover.   


  1. Grace-Based Parenting: Set Your Family Free.  Dr. Tim Kimmel, the founder of Family Matters Ministries, suggests a fresh and inspiring view on parenting by putting away all those tough nuts to crack rules and ineffective checklist.   God’s parenting style is something that reflects forgiveness and channels fear to motivate good behavior.  This book will show parents how to raise a secure, noteworthy, and strong child through love, purpose, and hope and how you can do it through God’s grace.  


  1. The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands by Lysa Terkeurst is not all about motherhood but is a must-read for mothers like us.  This book will enlighten you on the command about love, freeing yourself from the guilt of saying no (sometimes) and be victorious over the agony of being caught up between hard choices by having the wisdom to make the right decision.  This book helped me a lot when I struggled to speak the magic word “No” by always saying yes to God.  


  1. The Power Of A Praying Mom by Stormie Omartian truly inspires me and inculcates in me the habit of praying for my kids always.   Instead of nagging them or becoming angry when they break some of the rules, I pray first to God to give me the patience, the wisdom, and the strength to control my tongue so as not to hurt my kids’ emotions as I talk to them.  Experience how powerful a mother’s prayer is when raising kids and how you can trust them and intervene in their lives through prayers.  Because it is through prayers that you can reach out to them wherever they are (literally and figuratively) in their lives.  Your cell phone battery will get drained, and you will lose your phone’s signal, but the power of prayer will always be strong and powered by God.   


There may be documentaries and videos you can watch that can inspire you, but reading is a totally different experience. It exercises your brain and stimulates your creativity through imagination.   




Reading is an excellent way to increase not just your vocabulary but your knowledge and understanding and not just blindly follow what our preachers are saying in the pulpit.  So no matter what you do or how busy your day is, I hope and pray that you will find reading an enjoyable time to relax and be with the Lord, for it is not only good for your mind but also for your soul.   


It takes effort and grace from God to be a mother with a virtuous soul who wanders nurturing the earth.