What Made Me Love The Tao Of Pooh

Reading books is one of the things that I enjoy doing. I make it to the point that I have at least one novel or reading material on my bag wherever I go. That is just how I am. I find comfort in knowing that I can start reading at any time of the day. One of the recent books that I fell in love with is The Tao of Pooh, which was written by Benjamin Hoff.


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The book used the fictional characters of the classic Winnie The Pooh story to introduce the concepts and principles of Taoism. It was first published in early 1982. Every page of the book will surely captivate its readers. I have to say that it has become one of my favorite books of all time. Allow me to share the quotes that changed me life:

“Do you really want to be happy? You can begin by being appreciative of who you are and what you’ve got.”

We all want to achieve genuine happiness, right? The Tao of Pooh tells us that to make this happen, all we need to do is to practice the art of appreciation. We must notice all the right things we have in our lives. We have to learn how to appreciate ourselves and how far we’ve traveled in this life. Sometimes, we just want to have contentment so we can expect more blessings to come.

“Gratitude creates positive emotions, like joy, love, and contentment, which research shows can undo the grip of negative emotions like anxiety,” writes Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.

“The main problem with this great obsession for saving time is very simple: you can’t save time. You can only spend it. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.”


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This line struck me the most. Have you noticed how we always keep on complaining that time isn’t enough? We think that twenty-four hours a day are insufficient to do everything we want, Well, maybe it is about time to change the way we think about time. Instead of doing everything all at once, why don’t we start doing the things that matter first? Take note; we can spend time wisely.

“It’s just so helpful to know where every hour is going because then you can really control your time better,” Nicholas Scheidt, PsyD, says.

You’d be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are.”

There are times when we experience depression or frustration only because we are not getting what we want. We try our best to change the natural course of life, which is why we often end up getting hurt or finding ourselves broken. The Tao of Pooh reminds us of the fact that things are as they are. We need to be aware that no matter what happens, there are just some things beyond our reach. We need to understand that square pegs will never fit into round holes.

“This same principle of acceptance being healthy and healing is true for whatever emotional pains you contend with through life,” writes Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.

The book is indeed a great treasure. No wonder it has stayed in the New York Times bestseller list for forty-nine straight weeks. The author, Benjamin Hoff, succeed in presenting Taoism to everyone. Your life will undoubtedly change after reading this excellent novel. If you are looking for a new story to read, make sure to include The Tao of Pooh next in line.