Love Is In The Air (My Top 5 Best Romance Books)

Keep in touch with your romantic side by reading classic romantic novel books.  Try reading the books I listed below to help you maintain an intense relationship and keep the spark alive.   Sometimes, being together is not just all about sex, but how well you get along and how much you are willing to sacrifice for your loved one and how long you will be willing to understand and accept the mistakes made.  Be inspired and stay in love as you take time to browse the books I recommend worth reading.


  1. Jane Eyre is a fiction novel inspired by the writer’s own experiences.

Jane Eyre was a courageous orphan who lived with her aunt and cousins.   Growing up having a lonely and cruel childhood, Jane turned out to be a strong and independent woman.  She was eventually transported to a boarding school, and upon leaving that place, she becomes a governess at a country house, Thornfield.  She finds the owner of the house was the mysterious Mr.  Rochester.  They came to like each other, but when they are about to get married, Jane found out that he has a mentally ill wife whom he locked in the attic with a nursemaid.

It may be your usual governess falling in love with the master of the house love story, but how they suffered and waited for their love to become a reality is what makes this book worth reading.   Be inspired at how Jane values morality, religion, love, and forgiveness.

  1. Wuthering Heights. This classic series is for those who love passionate stories of love and revenge.

Described as a wild, passionate story of the powerful and almost monstrous love between Catherine and Heathcliff, a foundling who looks like a dark-skinned gypsy adopted by Catherine’s father.  Heathcliff was bullied and humiliated by Catherine’s brother, Hindley; and he wrongly believed that Catherine never reciprocated his love so he left Wuthering Heights.  Years later, he returned an opulent and refined man to stage revenge for the injustice and abuse committed against him.


A story about the authentic and exact depiction of life – women and society, abuse and alcoholism, life and love- during the early era.  See yourself through the characters of Heathcliff, Catherine, and the other characters with real human emotions.

  1. Me Before You, a romantic novel by Jojo Moyes that deals with the many surprises life brings.

There are things in our lives which we are sure of that we can confidently say we already know, but there are also those that will just surprise us.  There are things that we want to do and are already comfortable with which we will be forced to leave and take on a path that is entirely new to us.

Louisa Clark is a woman who lives a simple life in their small English village.  She knows exactly what she wants, knows that she likes working in that tea shop.   What she does not know is that destiny has other plans for her.  She is about to lose her job.  See what’s about to happen as she was obliged to work as a caretaker for a wealthy quadriplegic.


On the other hand, the wealthy, disabled, and handsome Will Taynor, who was once an adventure junkie with a successful career, knows that his accident took away his desire to live as it left him emotionally and physically devastated.   He feels everything suddenly becomes very small and joyless and he knows that he wants to put an end to it all.

But everything changed for both Lou and Will as fate brings them together.

Be deeply moved by this truly unique relationship between two people who came from two different kinds of worlds as they teach us to start living our life before it’s too late.

  1. The Mistress was written by Danielle Steel, Guinness Book of World Records holder for being listed as New York Times bestseller for over 390 consecutive weeks.

The novel tackles how hard it is to find both love and freedom.   Beautiful Natasha was saved from starvation by a Russian billionaire, Vladimir, and made her his mistress.  But fate can sometimes be playful, as she met Theo Luca who is a son of a world-famous painter.  And the twist in their love affair began.

  1. Love In Time Of Cholera is one of my all-time favorites, indeed a timeless novel in its own right.

“I think of you every moment, and I will love with pride.”

“Over the years, my love remained constant.”

“Fifty-one years, nine months, and four days, that is how long I have loved you.”

These are just some of the memorable lines uttered by Florentino and Fermina.


Some people quickly forget about their first love, but not Florentino and Fermina.  But will their lost love be given a second chance?  How long will they have to wait to rekindle their romance?

Reading romantic novels is not just for the hopeless romantic.   So many lessons can be learned, a lot of adventures to experience, and a lot of love to share.  As we read to the end, we learn from the mistakes committed by the characters.  It is magical reading romantic novels, better than watching a movie.   The freedom of the imagination to create vivid images is an exercise to the brain.  And one of the most important benefits of reading romantic novels is that we gain insight and understanding on people and the relationship deepens.  It makes its readers feel joy, hope, and positivity that life can be better even if you do not end up with your first love.