One of the most memorable events that us bookworms have ever been a part of is the 2015 Palmdale Book Convention. It is the kind of occasion where you get to meet and greet a plethora of budding and successful authors, publishers, and illustrators. You may also hear the story behind your favorite book and how the writer came up with it.

Nevertheless, a book convention does not merely give you a place to geek out. It showed us a few things, which we want to share with you today.


1. You Can Befriend Other Book Lovers There

The first thing to remember is that hundreds or thousands of people who refuse to let a day pass without reading a few chapters of a book always commune in such assemblies. There may be folks there who came alone, while others attended the event as a group. What makes everyone form an instant bond with each other, though, is their undying love for books.

2. You May Find Someone Who’ll Publish Your Work

It is not surprising to know that some of the most avid readers out there are also aspiring writers. When you go to book expos, you will undoubtedly meet a few individuals who joined the convention in hopes of pitching theirĀ idea to a publisher. Sometimes it works, of course. Other times, they have to wait for another conference to come across another authority in the field.


3. You Get To Learn About Publishing Trends

Additionally, attending a convention similar to the one mentioned above will allow you to see that the best books do not always have to be in paperbacks or hard-bound copies anymore. Many readers are now into e-books or audiobooks that they can download in their smartphone or tablets. That is a trend that you may not be aware of if you only stick to the libraries.


Do you think you can benefit from going to a book convention? See if there’s one happening near you soon. Cheers!

Looking Back At What We Learned From The 2015 Palmdale Book Convention