For a start, I will not be going to say that these books I am going to share with you are the best in the world. Some may agree that these books are not that well-written or engaging at some point. However, they are the ones that share at least one idea, and that is to change someone’s trajectory life for the better.

The Motivation Hacker (Nick Winter) – It is probably the book on the list that is the least well-known. However, it is a book that can significantly create a significant impact on someone’s life. One of the main concepts that an individual can get from this book is the spiraling idea of success. It contains the fundamental truths about building the right mindful habits. It includes staring something small before doing something big. It is excellent for those individuals who can’t seem to understand why they always fail every time they set up a goal. The book emphasizes on starting a goal that can be tracked and does not demand any absolute perfection in one attempt.

The 4-Hour Workweek (Tim Ferris) – It is the book that targets someone’s professional life more than anything. The concept talks about the proper way of building a system that enables profit for the business. That is especially even if the individual is not entirely putting too much effort into handling a business. Honestly, the idea of the book is not as straightforward as it might seem. Some may agree that it is even more complicated at some point. However, the whole concept can help someone in changing his professional life.  Not only on the way he wanted but also on the way he is supposed to do.


The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey) – It is probably the most well-known book that targets personal development. It proves to create a significant impact on someone’s life due to its excellent and straightforward concept. That is to “seek to understand, and then get understood.” You see, a lot of people are having problems in listening. There is always this eagerness to respond rather than trying to understand a subject. So when both people are in the same state, no one entirely understands each other. The book’s concept is trying to create an evaluation so that real communication can happen.

The Happiness Equation (Neil Pasricha) – It is a book that explains a lot about happiness consistently on a day-to-day basis. However, the totality of its idea stays focus on one particular subject, and that is retirement. It is where someone focuses on relaxation after years of hard work. The concept of retirement was once for aged people who will become the state’s responsibility. However, in the recent generation, it already became a goal in life. The book explains that the whole idea of just stopping at a particular age is not human nature. That is because humans are born to progress. So when they stop doing something, it means a waste of time.


If you already like these books, then you should get a copy of each. Also, check out the rest of the list on the second part of this article.

Books That Can Change Someone’s Life