An Author’s Guide To Dealing With Anxiety

One of the common problems that authors face is experiencing a writer’s block. Sometimes, no matter how much one wanted to come up with a beautiful piece, he just can’t. If this continues to happen in the long run, it is possible for the writer to suffer from stress and anxiety. If you do not want the same thing to happen to you, it is crucial for you to continue looking for inspiration. As long as you have one, it will be easier on your part to keep going.




At this point, it is vital or crucial to point out the reality that a lot of things may cause anxiety in your life as an author. Because of this, you have to master the different ways on how to deal with anxiety. The goal is to eliminate it in your life. The process may be complicated, but everything is going to be worth it in the end. Below are some of the tips to follow if you want to handle anxiety smarter:

 Change Your Mindset


Let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Instead, welcome a life that is full of positivity. You have to convince yourself that everything in your life is going to get better so that you can eliminate the anxious thoughts. The change is not going to be an easy thing to do. However, with the right attitude and dedication, you can achieve it. Learn how to focus on the great things and experiences that you have instead of the bad ones.


Accept Imperfections


Stop pressuring yourself into becoming perfect. Take note that no matter what you do, you will not reach a certain point of absolute perfection. “When we believe that our mistakes reflect poorly on us, and when we feel that other people are constantly judging us for those mistakes or difficulties, it can create a lot of anxiety,” wrote Elizabeth Cush, MA, LCPC. She added, “You can be your own worst enemy because the perception that you need to be perfect all the time or people will criticize you often sets off a firestorm of critical self-talk.”


Remember that there will always be an extra room for error and mistake, and it is completely okay. What you have to do is to accept these imperfections so that no one can use it against you.




Keep Yourself Busy


When you are stressed about something, it is ideal if you will keep on moving. “Taking action by doing something, almost anything, will help you work through your anxiety,” wrote Barton Goldsmith, PhD, LMFT. Find time to do certain activities that are within your range of interests. Dr. Goldsmith added, “Do what works best for you at the moment and don’t worry about breaking your normal routine, that change may actually help reduce your anxiety.”


The objective is to look for ways to keep yourself busy. The purpose of this is to ensure that you will be pre-occupied for other things that honestly matter. When you are busy, you will not have the luxury of time to worry about certain things.


Connect With Other Writers


Writers usually share the same dilemmas and problems, especially when it comes to their career in the professional world. If you are already losing focus on your goals as an author, maybe all you have to do is to search for other writers who can help you see a different perspective. Find the right set of individuals who may inspire you to continue your passion for writing. Having the right support group can be a big help on your part.


Escape For A While


Do not be afraid to run away to a different city or country. Sometimes, all you have to do is to travel and explore a brand new place. Emerging in a new community and seeing new stuff can make you feel better about your life. You will feel excitement and admiration about your professional career. As such, you must find time to do this. A perfect escape is one that you do with the person you love.




Log Off Online


Often, all that you may need is to log out from your social media accounts and avoid using it for a certain period. The decision depends on your taste and preference. Take note that being available online can take a toll in your writing style and inspiration.


Ellen Hendriksen, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders noted, “You’d think that taking away uncertainty would make us less anxious. But instead, because technology has lessened our experience handling uncertainty, we’re less prepared to deal with ambiguity when it arises.” Because of this, it is highly encouraged to leave your online mark for a little while and focus on things that matter.




Anxiety and stress are only normal in the life of a writer. Because of this, you must focus on eliminating the said negative mental health conditions by following the tips mentioned above. Your success will not happen overnight, but if you are consistent in doing the right things, everything will be all right. Feel free to contact or get in touch with a therapist or counselor if you believe your mental state is not in good shape.