10 Must Read Books On Mental Health

Every book you read has its own story and sometimes when you read various books with different genres, you get carried away with the thought. Some books are exact with history and can be considered as a short memoir which was published. With that said, here are ten books with different stories that can tell you the beauty of life (with mental health issues) and what’s beyond it.

Gorilla and the Bird by Zack McDermott


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This memoir talks about Zack which portrayed to be the gorilla and the bird as his mom. The author confirmed that the gorilla is reflecting him as a person because he has excessive hair in his chest as with the rest of his body. Also, this book was inspired by his real experience of him having bipolar disorder which is very hard to manage.

The bird in the story is referring to his mom. She was a single mother of 3 kids who never failed to encourage him to recover from the disorder while he was confined in a manic spree in New York City.

“If you saw your child walking with a limp, you’d go see a doctor,” Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, MD, psychiatrist, says. “If you’re seeing a change in your child, don’t minimize it. Go see a doctor.”

Project Semicolon by Amy Bleuel

The “Project Semicolon” was inspired by actual events in the life of Amy Bluel. This memoir was released ten years after her father died by committing suicide. An organization named Project which is a non-project organization published this book to serve as an awareness to everyone on suicide.

“The idea isn’t that we shouldn’t talk about suicide. We should talk about suicide and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask people we’re worried about if they’re thinking of killing themselves,” Stacey Cahn, PhD, said.

Alice and the Fly by James Rice

This memoir starts by talking about a teenage guy named Greg who developed schizophrenia at an early age. “Schizophrenia can present at any age, but is rare in childhood and early adolescence. Most cases are diagnosed in late adolescence or early adulthood,” writes Neel Burton, M.D. Greg also has a phobia of spiders which are both real and existing only in his hallucinations.


 All Things New by Lauren Miller


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Inspired by actual events, this book talks about surviving a mentally and emotionally broken down life. The beauty on how to recover from it by merely having hope on everything is revealed in the story. It focuses on a teenage girl who is feeling very damaged and doesn’t know what to do and who to tell. She hides it from everybody and then, hope became her strongest shield to conquer the dark side of giving up.


Shooting Ghost by Thomas Brennan and Finbarr O’Reilly


The book tells of an inspiring story about a man who suffers a traumatic brain injury from the war in Afghanistan where he serves as an army officer. It was the lives of the authors – Brennan suffered depression and PTSD while O’Reilly struggled a year of the study documenting human brutality because of conflicts from all around the world. The title explains the invisible injuries of war which includes brain trauma and the likes.


Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone


Although Sam is one of the famous girls in the junior class, this doesn’t take her OCD away. Her condition leads her to think dark thoughts that she can’t get out of her mind. She also worries about losing her friends at any time if she doesn’t live up to their fashionable ways.


Depression & Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim


Admittedly a lot of people can relate to this book by Sabrina Benaim. It talks about the struggle of having depression and how to deal with it in your everyday life. Live with or overcome it – those are the two choices.


Mental by Jamie Love


This is an inspiring story for those with bipolar disorder. The author of this book suffers from bipolar disorder and is taking medications. Later on, it was confirmed by the author’s doctor that it already affected her kidneys. She then decided to research for new alternatives to overcome her disorder naturally.